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Eighty per cent of the animals killed for fur in Canada come from fur farms (Statistics Canada, 2010). Like different forms of factory farming, it is a extremely environmentally destructive process. A 2011 report on mink farming, discovered that farmed fur outscores different textiles (by anyplace from 2-28 instances) for land use and climate change. The report additionally discovered that farmed fur requires up to 20 times more GHGs than other textiles. Along with being an irresponsible use of assets, the report found that farmed fur outscores other textiles (by anyplace from 2-28 times) for ozone layer depletion, soil and water air pollution, and toxic emissions. For each kilogram of manufacturing facility farmed mink fur, a hundred and ten kilograms of carbon dioxide is produced. That is enough to drive a car from Toronto to Nashville.

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