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Attack Of The Chatter Monkeys

According to the National Science Foundation, the average person has approximately 12 to 50 thousand thoughts per day. Many of these you know are straight from the chatter monkeys. We have all heard the chatter monkeys before. "that's not going to work", "I know what she's going to say.." "I'd like to, but I? "I can't because.." "I would like to try that but.."Some chatter monkeys are loud and obnoxious, its easy to tell when they are around. These are more like gorillas on our backs. These guys tend to get personal. "What was I thinking" "That was pretty stupid." "I'm no good at computers" "I am clumsy" Its easy to recognize these guys, maybe not so easy to ask them to leave, but you know when these guys are around.

The other type of chatter monkeys are your friend, your voice of reason. They have probably been with you for quite along time and generally they like to stay low profile, offering sensible, rational reasons why you shoulld not be doing something. Instead of telling you, you can't write a book, they explain that you really don't have enough time, what with the kids and your job, and most writers don't get published anyway and??. or you're in much better shape than alot of people your age and once you have a little more free time you can start that exercise program, besides the exercise club is too expensive and ?.. These monkeys generally prefer the safe waters, the status quo. Like their larger, less civilized friends however, they too need to be shown the door.

Our thoughts influence our actions and the law of attraction states that whatever we give our energy attention and focus on, whether wanted or unwanted, we get more of. Now are you going to choose your thoughts, are you going to decide your actions, will you decide what to focus on and think about and get more of or will you let the chatter monkies do the thinking for you?h